Both Australian and Indian markets have great scope of investment and innovation. The manufacturing, exporting and marketing services require wider reach and expert guidance for targeting and capturing segments with higher scope for better ROI.

The following industries are covered in Austrasia’s service range and we are always exploring new sectors and innovative business ideas.

1. Agri-tech 2. Transportation
3. Energy resources 4. Digital and technology
5. Telecommunications 6. Hospitality and tourism
7. Healthcare 8. Education
9. Environment 10. Construction
Austrasia will help you in:
  • Understanding and fulfilling all the legal requirements to be identified as an authentic investor or exporter
  • Trimming the extra time in identifying the right markets, business partners, suppliers etc.
  • Access technological aid, expert analysis and professional knowledge and expertise

Thus properly managing your time for an organized and targeted foreign investment approach.
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